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  • OTBBA Enema Bulb Clean Anal Silicone Douche for Men Women Certificate Comfortable Medical Kit
    Comfortable to use: The premium medical enema bulb kit is ultra soft yet firm and flexible, to ensure comfortable experience. Certificate approved: The douche enema kit is made of premium PVC with COA certificate and designed for anal douche enema. Perfect douche for men/women. Well-designed: An easy-squeeze silicone enema bulb with an 7 oz capacity, and a thin lengths approx 2.32 inch and designed for comfortable entry. THE NOZZLE screws onto the bulb for no leakage. Bulb and nozzle can be safely cleaned with vinegar, soap and warm water using. And with 2 nozzles. Well-Package: This item shipped with discreet packaging, don't worried about your privacy being exposed, 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for quality problem.
  • Nasstoys Anal-ESE Flavored Desensitizing Anal Gel, Strawberry - 2 Pack .5oz
    Strawberry Flavor Best Seller for over 25 Years Anal Desensitizer
  • Kegel Balls with App & Vibration, Kegel Exerciser Doctor Recommended for Tightening & Pelvic Floor Exercises, Effective for Beginners and Advanced Strengthening
    Support Android 4.3 or iOS 8.0 and above version. Super-soft body silicone,safe for all skin types and 100% Waterproof. Strongly vibration and Long distance control by Bluetooth antenna technology. Sync to music,unlimited vibration patterns,sound activated vibrations and remote control. Discreet shipping guarantees your personal life information, Products are shipped from California.
  • Beauty Molly Anal Douche Superior Medical Materials Douche for Women Men enemas Bulbs, 2 in 1 Set
    ENEMA BULB is made of premium medicals PVC.the premium medicals PVC enama kit is ultra soft yet firm and flexible, for comfortable safe use. ANAL DOUCHE is neutral black with an 7 oz capacity. nozzles lengths approx 4.99 inch, DOUCHES can be safer and more healthful,and much more comfortable Enemas convenient to use,Simply fill theliquid, attach the long rounded-tip nozzle, ANAL DOUCHES for clean, health and more satisfying
    10.99 $
  • Enema Bulb Clean Anal Vaginal Silicone Douche for Men Women and Men (Blue Color) - Comfortable Medical Kits
    EVEROVE flex tip cleansing bulb. Be confident. Be prepared. The clean stream is a collection of enema accessories ranging from affordable disposable applicators to high end drip bag systems. This thoughtful variety offers something for every consumer and makes it easy for first-time retailers and shoppers alike to test the waters. The tube is inside the douche as seen in the image The Cleansing Bulb is a versatile and accommodating addition to your cleansing regimen. Made of body safe, premium silicone so it is durable and clean up is a cinch. Get a quick and easy cleanse with this simple, squeezable personal cleansing bottle. The tip is rigid and slick, yet soft with a slight flexibility and a gentle curve This premium bulb includes a flexible tapered tip so it bends with your body. The threaded screw at the base of the tip is made of body safe ABS plastic. The removable tip can also be used with any of the Clean Stream Shower System and cleansing bags The holes point sideways instead of up, making it ideal for douching or enema cleansing, forcing the water against the walls of your body instead of up, for more effective and hygienic cleansing. Easy to use cleansing bulb features soft rubber tip. Perfect for travel The bottle holds 10 ounces of liquid. Just fill, insert, and squeeze. It is just that simple! Measurements bottle measures 5.25 inches in length and 2.5 inches in diameter. Tip measures 4.5 inches in length, 1 inch in diameter. Material:silicone, ABS plastic
    9.99 $
  • Vibrating Couple Toys, Women's One Handed Massage Tools,Variety of Play, Lovers Game
    Skin friendly silicone - skin friendly silicone is pleasant to touch, very hygienic, and has friction free quality, providing unique fun with the help of water-based lubricants U-shape design - Double classic part massage is definitely your favorite new toy. Come in and massage your body. 9 vibration modes - two way friction massage, provide different massage intensity, provide you with the suitable mode He and her fun - can provide fun for couples, remote control, provide the distance you like, very high privacy, quiet Skin friendly silicone - skin friendly silicone is pleasant to touch, very hygienic, and has friction free quality, providing unique fun with the help of water-based lubricants
    29.88 $
  • Bladder Control and Pelvic Floor Exercise - Premium Silicone Vaginal for Beginners and Seniors.029
    Unique design: inflatable design, no size, its surface is very smooth, easy to insert, it can be smaller and smaller, any modification Safety factor: the air bag expands slowly until it is comfortable, the safety factor can reach 10cm, larger than the fist. You can try, enough fun.
    10.99 $
  • Kegel Balls Exercise Weight for Women Bladder Control & Advance-Strengthen Pelvic Floor Muscle Recovery, PALOQUETH Silicone Ben Wa Balls Weighted Exercise Kit for Beginners, 4 Pieces Set
    Quick result with kegel balls training. 15-30 minutes a day for 8 weeks, you’ll have stronger & tighter pelvic muscles for improved bladder control, postpartum recovery & confidence. Great choice for new moms and menopausal women, these Ben Wa balls provide you a non-invasive way to get rid of those urinary incontinence pads and obtain tightness with fit& training guide. Pelvic floor specialists helped PALOQUETH design and develop the most advanced & effective pelvic exerciser. First-class Kegel exercise balls recommended by physicians across the world. 100% made with medical-grade premium silicone which is hypoallergenic, BPA and Phthalate free. PALOQUETH pelvic weights is Waterproof, Soft and Non-Porous for easy cleaning, giving a safe and healthy life. The design of the balls with the fitted handles made it very easy to use. Also the balls easily can be exchanged for heavier balls with the handles by simply stretching the material that hugs the ball.
    12.99 $ 21.69 $ -40%
  • Kegel Balls for Beginners - Ben Wa Balls for Pleasure Tightening and Exercise to Tone Your Pelvic Floor Menstrual Tampon - The World's Most Trusted Pleasure Kegal Beads
    RECOMMENDED BY BLADDER EXPERTS, LOVED BY WOMEN – You don’t have to spend the rest of your life suffering from that embarrassing post pregnancy urinary incontinence. Our kegel eggs, jiggle yoni eggs are an easy therapy that others recommend. It also is a surgery-free way to strengthen pelvic floor muscles, tighten the kegels and regain your confidence. QUICK RESULTS: All it takes is 15 minutes per day. Within the first 2 weeks you will have stronger and tighter pelvic floor muscles for improved bladder control and confidence. ? BEST CHOICE FOR NEW MOMS: Pregnancy is difficult enough; let us support you and give you confidence by providing you with a better alternative to those uncomfortable urinary incontinence pads. TAKE BACK CONTROL – Do you fear those accidental leaks that slip mid-laugh, exercise, or even cough? You’re not alone. In fact, PREMIUM QUALITY: BPA FREE/: Our ben wa kegel weight set is made with 100% medical grade silicon and is guaranteed to be of the highest quality available in the market. DEVELOPED WITH THE HELP OF FIELD SPECIALISTS: Designed with our client's comfort in mind, we developed the most innovative kegel exercise system in the market and made it accessible to anyone suffering from incontinence NO QUESTIONS ASKED, 100% GUARANTEE: Please rest assured that for any Rekink product purchased, you are 100% covered by our 30 day risk free money back guarantee and 1 year manufacturer warranty SAFE AND OH SO COMFORTABLE – Make sure you treat yourself to nothing but the best materials. Send it as an ideal gift for the Holidays because our ben wa balls sets with a premium kit, stainless steel medical grade silicone equipment, so they’re hypoallergenic, odor resistant, and free of Phthalates, BPA, Dioxin and Latex. These kegel balls also known as keegle balls or keagles are made of Silky smooth silicone that makes these keegels easy to insert and use, while the convenient.
    13.95 $
  • Anal Douche and Enema Bulb System Kit-Medical Manual Pressure Enemas for Anal or Vaginal Douching Aids in Hygiene-Reusable for Douche, Coffee & Water Colon Cleansing/Detox,3 Nozzle Tips-10 oz
    DEEP-CLEAN VALVE: Our premium anal douche and enema bulb is all you will ever need. It has a 300ml(0.3 quart) capacity that allows you to do several enemas in session. This is a great advantage when doing deep colon cleansing PREMIUM QUALITY: This douche and enema bulb is designed to last a lifetime and will give many years of use. This enema douche is of hospital quality,it is manufactured according to ISO standards and comes with all the equipment you will need for colonic therapy. This is the type of enema bulb used in many hospitals and professional clinics EASY TO CLEAN: Once fulfilled with your enema procedure, our probable separation design makes cleanup a breeze! Simply detach the nozzle from the bulb, clean each unit with soap and warm water, and allow to dry for a confident clean each time you use it VERSATILE: Long 15 inches tubing, manual pressure to allow for easy using. This enema cleansing and detox kit is ideal for travel and can be used for water and/or coffee enemas in or out of the shower COMFORTABLE: Nozzle is a flexable and extra thin rubber with 9 holes for 360 degree cleaning which makes it more comfortable to insert anal or vaginal.The pump gives total control of the pace of the fluids entering. More Careful and More Comfortable
    14.99 $
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